Saturday, May 24, 2008

Coming soon: Bleeding Teal v2.0

I'm back. Given that there's only 1100 or so views in the 10 months that this blog existed leads me to believe that hardly anyone noticed. However, I've wiped the slate clean and hopefully I'll get back to posting again. There is a promise this time: No "projects". What screwed me over last time was that I got myself stuck on trying to do a 30 teams in 15 days preview of hte league and then it got to the point where I was too lazy to get it done, but too driven just to say "Screw it" and stop. So I ignored the blog long enough to forget about it.

This time that won't happen because I will not be doing big things like that. If there's something I can't get done in one or two posts, it won't get done. No league wide previews, no team-by-team draft analysis, no trade deadline tracker for every single team, nothing like that. It'll just be me and my rambling opinions.

So stay tuned, I might just have spiffy new banner graphics too.

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Rosalia said...

You write very well.